Tuesday, June 1, 2010

video of the raffle

Hi Guys,

Here is the video of my big brother Nelson picking the winner out of a hat.


Thanks to you all.



Ok guys, I just had my big brother Nelson draw the name out of a hat.



Ann tripp you are one lucky gal. You get the awesomest quilt in the WORLD.!!!

That's a copyrighted name so no stealing.

Everyone, I will be posting the video of my big brother picking a name.

LOVING YOU ALL SO MUCH. My brother's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the amount we gathered for him.

Drumroll please....


That's right, over two thousand dollars.

I'm misting up right now because of how amazing this fundraiser has been. You guys have given my brother Nelson and his family an amazing gift and I wish I could make quilts for all you guys.


Thanks again,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

News News News

Hi Guys,

Guess what, May 31st is Memorial Day. As in there will be NO mail. So I am extending the due date till June 1st. That way at noon when I go into get the mail from the post office box, I will have all the latecomers' donations.

Just letting you know. I plan on picking a name out of a hat on Tuesday, June 1st, in the evening. I may get it on video and post it here so you guys can watch.

I am so psyched about this. You guys have donated over $1500 to my Stinky big brother Nelson......and counting.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....etc.

You guys are the best. Remember, get your mail in today, since I wont get it till Tuesday.

Good luck to you all.


Monday, May 24, 2010

My brother is Wolverine

If you are new to this blog please go HERE.

Alright all you quilt-owning wannabes. This week is the last week you can donate. Because a week from today I will be raffling off the quilt. So send in your donations soon, or else you lose the possibility to win THE AWESOMEST QUILT IN THE WORLD.

Also, check out this crazy x-ray of my brother.
I think he had 6 screws and one metal plate put in to his pelvis to stabilize it after a TAHOE, yes a big ass car, fell on him.

 I know right? He's totally wolverine.

Ok, so if you want to win the quilt. .... (Let's take a look real quick:)

You need to donate $5.00 to:

Operation Stinky Big Brother
Ruth Krueger
614-C S. Business I-35
PMB 600
New Braunfels, TX

Send a check to Ruth Krueger, or $5.00 cash. You can enter up to 20 times.

This is benefitting my big brother Nelson, who was injured recently.

Just remember, I need to receive your donations by May 31st. That is the day we are raffling off the quilt. I will try to get Nelson to pick the name out of the hat. But we'll see. For a guy who just had a huge surgery that put screws into his pelvic bone, he really moves.

Seriously, his surgery went well and he's walking again. Without a cane or a walker!!! I'm so proud. He's slow and really tired, but he's getting stronger every day and is trying to do desk work for the Hays Country Sheriffs Dept. (he's a deputy for Hays County) That dude just can't sit still.

So, for all you little sisters out there, donate to this particular big brother. And in the process, get a ticket to win this awesome quilt.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sooner rather than later

Hey Guys,

Just an update, the quilt will be raffled off in two weeks. That's only 14 days!!! So send in your donations to get a chance at the quilt. It'll be gone SOON.

Send $5.00 for each raffle ticket. Enter up to 20 times.

Send to:
Ruth Krueger
Stinky Big Brother
614-C Business I-35
PMB 600
New Braunfels, TX   78130


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Inspiration for the quilt

Hey there everyone.

Here is the inspiration from the quilt. It's the dining room from my house in college. Yes it's super messy, IT WAS COLLEGE. We were filthy animals. But if you look past the mayhem and sweatshirts, you can see the fantastic wall we painted. (Look past the table made with pennies, I know it's hard to) It's all circles and polka dots and fantastic-ness.

This was the idea for the quilt came from.

And, no this circle idea was not my own. It came originally from a Martha Stewart Decorating Book. Granted, hers looked a lot more subdued than ours. (Us and ours refers to me and my college roommate and bestest buddy Nikki. (We had alot of exciting stories but that's on the other blog.))

Nikki was the one who dubbed me Rudy in college. Granted, I was always Rootie Tootie, or Rootie for short. (I was Ruth, then Ruthie, then Rootie, then Rudy, try to keep up.)

So, there was a little background on the quilt.

And, my big brother is doing much better. They went and cut him open and screwed in metal plates into one of his pelvic fractures. So, he's pretty much bionic. Or like wolverine, but without sharpened adamantium claws. His claws are more of the witty verbal kind. (We're similar that way)

Remember to donate and send a $5.00 donation (you can enter up to twenty times) Yes, I put a cap on donations. Because someone had to go and throw the raffle by entering 200 times. So, I told them only twenty times OR ELSE.

Friday, April 30, 2010

New of brotherly love

Hi Everyone,

Right now my brother Nelson is in surgery. He's having metal plates screwed into his pelvis to correct the fractures. We were hoping to avoid this, but after three weeks of very painful walking with a walker to help heal this bones, they haven't started knitting together. So on Wednesday Nelson found out he'll have to get surgery. This is by no means a small inconvenience. Nelson had been doing pretty well lately, he was in a lot of pain, but was walking in a walker, and then with a cane. And doing this all with a broken pelvis and  broken ribs. Even during those three weeks he said he could feel the bones move.

Please pray for him. Pray for his wife. Pray for his healing. Honestly, I'm worried about him. He's always so strong and so stoic. He hates being sick, hates being injured and blames himself for all of this. (As if he had control of gravity). He's going to be out of work for awhile and has no more sick or vacation days. His family really needs your help.

Please donate to operations stinky big brother.

Send $5.00 to

Ruth Krueger
Stinky Big Brother
614-C S. Business I-35
PMB 600
New Braunfels, TX

You will get your name put into a raffle to win a quilt. This quilt, to be exact.

For those of you who would like to do more I have an option. I have been posting flier all around New Braunfels and San Marcos, TX. If you want to post the same fliers that advertise this fundraiser please print it out here.

 Post it at your church bulletin board, at your work, at the mall. Wherever they will let you. We need to drum up as many donations as we can for my stinky big brother, Nelson Wray.

Help a police officer in need, he has protected and served us for the past 6 years. Lets show we can do the same for him.

Sincerely, Ruthie